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Coming in OCTOBER 2021

The Life & Times of

Alexander hamilton

Two apples that fell from the same tree


A Hamilton revelation - both share the same ancestor from A.D. 880!


grasp the essence of the Founding father of America's life, and read the biography of today's Alexander hamilton, of Jamaica and Scotland.  Discover Hamilton ancestor stories, from the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, to Mary Queen of Scots in the 1560s.  The two Hamilton's in America's Revolution in 1780, and slavery.  The Hamilton who liberated the prison where Sir. Winston Churchill had been held in Africa in 1900,  and on whom Churchill wrote a book and became his lifetime friend.

Coming October 2021


Lady C

The Lioness Unleashed

This book is a Biography of the woman who first broke the news of Princess Diana's unhappy marriage, her affair with Major James Hewitt, and her suffering with bulimia. The book is an extraordinary, almost unbelievable, but true story of Lady C's life. From being raised in error as a boy to a disastrous marriage to a Scottish Duke's son to becoming a British icon & Best Selling Author.