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The Life & Times of

Alexander hamilton

Two apples that fell from the same tree


Grasp the essence of the Founding Father of America’s life and shared ancestry with a modern-day Alexander Hamilton. Learn of the aristocratic British Hamilton Lieutenant Governor who fought on the opposite side in America’s Revolutionary War.


Discover Hamilton Clan ancestor stories tracked with DNA help from Vikings in A.D. 880 and their role in the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

Read of Hamiltons fighting with Robert the Bruce in 1314 and the Hamilton heir presumptive to the Scottish Crown in the 1500s. Follow the tragedy of a New World slave voyage, and read of Sir Winston Churchill’s lifelong Hamilton friend, whom he met in 1899. A book filled with stories of wealth, power, legacies, and individuals who impacted history. The Duke of Hamilton has generously written the Foreword of this book.

1st Book Launch MARCH 24, 2022

One to follow in the USA, late April, under planning.

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Lady C

The Lioness Unleashed

This book is a Biography of the woman who first broke the news of Princess Diana's unhappy marriage, her affair with Major James Hewitt, and her suffering with bulimia. The book is an extraordinary, almost unbelievable, but true story of Lady C's life. From being raised in error as a boy to a disastrous marriage to a Scottish Duke's son and becoming a British icon & a global Best-Selling Author. 

Lady C cover.jpg
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